Node.js - Custom Node packages support

This section describes support for Node.js custom node packages.

It is possible to develop custom node packages. A package is a file or a directory that is described by a package.json file.

An application can combine mutliple packages. The packages can be built together using npm. npm adds these packages to a node_mudules directory. Note that the analyzer will skip everything which is inside a node_modules directory. Users should provide their custom packages at the root of the analyzed source code. Let’s consider a package named my_proj. The root dir contains a package.json file which defines the project name:


{ "name": "@myprojname"

Everything which is exported (or re-exported) from the my_proj/src/index.ts can be imported from any project which uses this package. 


export function my_func(){

For instance when an other package uses this package, it can import the my_func function using the name of the package for the import:


import {my_func} from '@myprojname'

function other_func(){

When analyzing these source code, a callLink will be created between other_func and my_func: