Module Definition Types - 1.0

Extension ID


What’s new?

See Release Notes - 1.0 .


This extension categorizes all modules defined (whether manually or automatically) in CAST Imaging Console and gives them a value as follows:

Item Value
Unassigned -1
Full Content 1
Union Content 2
Per Analysis Unit 4
User Defined 5
Per Technology 6
Per Folder Path (≥ 1.0.2) 7

This value is stored for each Application (in the Analysis schema) and the information is used by other CAST processes and tools, as listed below:

CAST Imaging Viewer ≥ 2.11

During the export/import process of Application data into CAST Imaging ≥ 2.11, this information is used to ensure that Per technology modules are never included in the export and therefore never appear in CAST Imaging. These type of modules are automatically created in CAST Imaging Console (unless a different strategy is chosen manually) and are very often very large (i.e. contain a lot of data). Because these modules are large, they often do not provide much value during investigation.


Product Release Supported
CAST Imaging Core ≥ 8.3.0 (tick)

Download and installation instructions

The Module Definition Types extension will be installed automatically only when using CAST Imaging Console ≥ 2.4. In any other situation you must download and install it “manually”. A new analysis/snapshot must be performed after installation to ensure the extension is executed. In addition, a new import into CAST Imaging Viewer using ≥ 2.11 must be actioned so that the categorization provided by the extension can be exploited in CAST Imaging Viewer.

Configuration instructions