Security for Java - 1.6

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Please see Security for Java - 1.6 - Release Notes  for more information.


The Security for Java extension automatically generates JEE specific bytecode (also known as “CASTIL”) for the User Input Security feature that is part of CAST Imaging. The bytecode is generated during an analysis and is then stored in the Large Intermediate Storage Area (LISA).


Release Operating System Supported
8.3.x where x ≥ 3 Microsoft Windows ✔️


  • RAM: CAST highly recommends that the node is configured with at least 32GB of RAM to ensure best performance during an analysis. In addition, you should ensure that the node is not running any other unrelated processes when running the Security Analyzer analysis.


There is nothing to configure - if the extension is installed then it will be used to generate the bytecode required by the User Input Security feature.