Release Notes - 2.0


Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket Id Details
38822 Fixes an issue causing a missing link between XML source files and public C# property objects defined in the XML file itself.


Other Updates

Fixes traceback error (Error in Log: WPF: IndexError: list index out of range) with VB files.



This new .NET XAML extension provides support for two .NET frameworks (WPF and Silverlight) that were previously supported in specific extensions (WPF and Silverlight Framework) as well as support for Xamarin.Forms. The development of these existing extensions has been discontinued and all new development to support these frameworks will now be actioned in the .NET XAML extension (which uses the com.castsoftware.wpf extension ID). Please see for more information. Upgrading to this extension will impact your existing analysis results.

Other Updates

The entire analyzer has been refactored, objects are no longer created and instead, links between XAML files and .NET source code are produced.

New Support

Summary Details
Silverlight support The Silverlight Framework is now supported via this extension.
Xamarin.Forms support Parts of XAML files specific to Xamarin.Forms are now supported.