Missing tables and procedures

All Missing tables and procedures extensions are similar. They take as input SQL queries embedded in client code and generate as output Missing Schemas, Missing SQL Tables and Missing SQL Procedures.

From a technical standpoint, SQL queries embedded in client code object types inherit from the metamodel category CAST_SQL_MetricableQuery, generally having icons that look like

You can also retrieve the full list of SQL queries embedded in client code from the analysis schema with the following SQL statement:

select o.KeyNam QueryName, od.InfVal SQLQuery
from ObjDsc od join Keys o on od.IdObj = o.IdKey
     join TypCat tc on tc.IdTyp = o.ObjTyp
where tc.IdCatParent = 139018 -- CAST_SQL_MetricableQuery
      and od.InfTyp = 150 -- sqlQuery property InfTyp = 150, InfSubTyp = 15
      and od.InfSubTyp = 15