DMT extractor for Maven local repository

The DMT extractor for Maven local repository is not currently provided as an extension: instead it is embedded in CAST Imaging Core and is therefore present “out of the box”.

What is it?

The DMT extractor for Maven local repository provides the means to extract (using the CAST Delivery Manager Tool) JAR based source code from a local Maven repository. In other words, JAR based source code that resides in a simple local or network folder. This extractor should be used when you want to extract JAR based source code that is stored in a local Maven repository. For example, when your JEE application relies on JAR files and the initial extraction of this application in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool throws “missing library file” alerts, you can use this extractor to extract the missing files from a local Maven repository and resolve the alerts.

Accessing the extractor

The extractor can be accessed as follows:

Extractor interface



1 Enter the path to your local/network location where the Maven repository resides.

This option enables you to specify specific artifacts that you know need to be extracted in order to resolve a packaging alert. You can specify the artifact using:

  • Group ID (usually a reverse domain name like - this option is mandatory
  • Artifact ID (usually the name) - this option is mandatory
  • Classifier (an arbitrary string that distinguishes artifacts that were built from the same POM but differ in their content) - this option is mandatory
  • Version (the artifact's version string) - this option is mandatory


  • If you do not specify an element, the CAST Delivery Manager Tool will automatically populate the list of elements when you run the Package action based on what it finds in the repository path you have entered.
  • <groupID> or <artifactID> configured in <relocation> tags are supported.
  • maven-metadata.xml will be used to determine a best version for the <versionID> if no pom.xml can be found.