GCP Bigtable support for Node.js


Google Bigtable is a NoSQL database service in the cloud. This is the equivalent service to Amazon DynamoDB and Azure Cosmos DB offered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


This extension, when Bigtable API NodeJS library is found in the source code, may create the following objects representing Bigtable tables:

Icon Object Name
NodeJS GCP Bigtable table Name of the table (table id)
NodeJS GCP Unknown Bigtable table Unknown

API methods

A Bigtable table object will be created when the table ID (i.e. the table name) is resolved in calls to the method Table.table(). When the name of a given referred table in the code is not resolved, an unknown table object will be created with name Unknown. There can be a maximum of one unknown table per project:

API method Object creation
Table.table() NodeJS GCP (Unknown) Bigtable table

In addition to tables, links representing CRUD operations on Bigtable tables are created as well. The following methods are supported:

API methods (Table) Link type
Table.createReadStream() useSelectLink
Table.deleteRows() useDeleteLink
Table.getRows() useSelectLink
Table.insert() useInsertLink, useUpdateLink
Table.mutate() useUpdateLink, useInsertLink
Table.sampleRowKeys() useSelectLink
Table.sampleRowKeysStream() useSelectLink
Table.truncate() useDeleteLink
API methods (Row) Link type Remaks
Row.create() useInsertLink Link created only when entries are passed in as options argument.
Row.delete() useDeleteLink -
Row.deleteCells() useUpdateLink -
Row.filter() useInsertLink, useUpdateLink Link type presence will depend on input arguments.
Row.get() useSelectLink -
Row.increment() useInsertLink, useUpdateLink -
Row.save() useInsertLink, useUpdateLink -


The following code shows an example of javascript file querying data from a GCP Bigtable table via the Table.getRows() API method for NodeJS:


const {Bigtable} = require('@google-cloud/bigtable');
const bigtable = new Bigtable();

const instanceId = 'instanceName';
const tableId = 'Books';
const instance = bigtable.instance(instanceId);
const table = instance.table(tableId);

const options = {
  keys: ['title1', 'title2'],
  .then(result => {
    const rows = result[0];
  .catch(err => {
    // Handle the error.

When the code listed above is analyzed, a Bigtable table object and the useSelectLink (Us) link will be created:


  • Only CRUD-like operations are modelized. Actions changing table structure (column/family/table creation/deletion) are not represented.
  • In the same line, administration clients (BigtableTableAdminClient, BigtableInstanceAdminClient) are not supported.
  • Backup operations are not represented.