Release Notes - 1.0


Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket Id Details
43490 Fixes an issue where the discoverer was not able to discover values for the “profileRef” version number and the “NETFrameworkVersion” “value” field.


Other Updates

Fixes an issue where the analysis was failing randomly during steps such as “prepare analysis config"and run analysis with the errors “Failed to execute DMT command” or “‘java.lang.NullPointerException: null”.
Fixes an issue causing the discovery process to fail when absolute patterns are used for some references inside the .csproj file.
Fixes an issue causing the discovery process to fail with the error “Error: Invalid Model. Library is present more than once in the model…”.



Initial release of this discoverer as an extension (the discoverer is also embedded in AIP Core).

Other Updates

To help clarify why some files were not analyzed (in reports provided by CAST Console), a change has been made to ensure that folders (obj/Debug and obj/Release) containing generated code files (which are never analyzed) are now explicitly marked as generated code and will therefore be actively excluded from analysis by a specific exclusion rule for generated code. This means that CAST Console will be able to report that the generated code files were specifically excluded by a rule. In previous releases, generated code was simply ignored and therefore CAST Console was not able to give a reason why the code was not analyzed. Note that this change requires AIP Core ≥ 8.3.52.