EGL - 1.0

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What’s new?

Please see EGL 1.0 - Release Notes  for more information.


This extension provides support for applications written using EGL languages.

Although this extension is officially supported by CAST, please note that it has been developed within the technical constraints of the CAST Universal Analyzer technology and to some extent adapted to meet specific customer needs. Therefore the extension may not address all of the coding techniques and patterns that exist for the target technology and may not produce the same level of analysis and precision regarding e.g. quality measurement and/or function point counts that are typically produced by other CAST AIP analyzers.

In what situation should you install this extension?

If your application contains source code written using EGL and you want to view these object types and their links with other objects, then you should install this extension.

Supported EGL versions

This version of the extension provides support for:

Version Supported
Rational Business Developer V7 R5.1 ✔️

Function Point, Quality and Sizing support

This extension provides the following support:

  • Function Points (transactions): a green tick indicates that OMG Function Point counting and Transaction Risk Index are supported
  • Quality and Sizing: a green tick indicates that CAST can measure size and that a minimum set of Quality Rules exist
Function Points
Quality and Sizing
✔️ ✔️

A Transaction definition is automatically imported when the extension is installed. This definition will be available in the CAST Transaction Configuration Center.


This extension is compatible with:

CAST Imaging Corre release Supported
8.3.x ✔️

Supported file types

Only files with following extensions will be analyzed:

  • *.egl
  • *.egldd
  • *.eglbld
  • *.project

Download and installation instructions

The extension will be automatically downloaded and installed in CAST Imaging Console when at least one of the supported file types is delivered for analysis.

Source code discovery

A discoverer is provided with the extension to automatically detect EGL code: when one of the supported file types is found in a folder, one “EGL” project will be discovered, resulting in a corresponding Universal Technology Analysis Unit in CAST Imaging Console.

EGL preprocessor

EGL source code needs to be preprocessed so that CAST can understand it and analyze it correctly. This code preprocessing is actioned automatically when an analysis is launched or a snapshot is generated (the code is preprocessed before the analysis starts). EGL Preprocessor log file is stored in the following location:


What results can you expect?


Icon Image ID Description Concept
icon EGLPackage EGL Package
icon EGLProjectDeclaration EGL Project Declaration
icon EGLRecord EGL Record
icon EGLRecordColumn EGL Record Column
icon EGLRecordDeclaration EGL Record Declaration
icon EGLReferencedProjects EGL Referenced Projects
icon EGLProgram EGL Program Class
icon EGLFunction EGL Function Function
icon EGLDataTable EGL Data Table Table
icon EGLForm EGL Form UI
icon EGLFormGroup EGL Form Group UI

Structural Rules

The following structural rules are provided:

Release URL

You can also find a global list here:||