Prepare and deliver the source code

Information about discovery

Discovery is a process that is actioned during the delivery process. CAST Imaging will attempt to automatically identify “projects” within your application using a set of predefined rules. This discovery process also allows CAST Imaging to set the initial analysis configuration settings. Discoverers are currently embedded in CAST Imaging Core:

You should read the relevant documentation for each discoverer (provided in the link above) to understand how the source code will be handled.

Source code delivery

Supported in CAST Imaging Console v. ≥ 1.23.0.

CAST Imaging Console expects either a ZIP/archive file or source code located in a folder configured in CAST Imaging Console. You should include in the ZIP/source code folder all Visual Basic source code:

  • .VBP
  • Any associated files.

CAST highly recommends placing the files in a folder dedicated to Visual Basic. If you are using a ZIP/archive file, zip the folders in the “temp” folder - but do not zip the “temp” folder itself, nor create any intermediary folders:

    |-----Visual Basic