Xcode Discoverer - 1.1

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What’s new?

See Xcode Discoverer - 1.1 - Release Notes .


This extension is a project discoverer: delivered source code will be searched for the project.pbxproj (or a .pbxproj file) - when one is found, the contents are inspected and are used to determine the list of projects present in the root folder. Projects then form Analysis Units (an item that defines the source code analysis perimeter).

This extension is a dependency of the iOS - Objective-C and iOS - Swift extensions - when either of these extensions are downloaded, the Xcode Discoverer extension will also be downloaded automatically. The extension can also be downloaded in a standalone manner - i.e. without the com.castsoftware.swift and com.castsoftware.cfamily extensions if you just need to patch your existing Xcode discoverer extension.