Console Information for Imaging - 1.0

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What’s new?

See Release Notes - 1.0 .


This extension transfers specific application properties such as the LOC (lines of code) from a file called console_information.json (generated by CAST Console and stored in the %PROGRAMDATA%/CAST/CAST/CASTMS/LISA folder on each Node managed by CAST Console) into the application’s “analysis” (or “local”) schema during the analysis process. Subsequently, the information in the “analysis” schema is used by CAST Imaging following an ETL import, as described below.

CAST Imaging Viewer

Information is made available in CAST Imaging ≥ 2.16 in the Welcome Page. Lines of Code (LOC) values are displayed for each Language found in the delivered source code:

  • A new import into CAST Imaging using ≥ 2.16 must be actioned so that the properties made available by the extension can be exploited in CAST Imaging.
  • If the extension is not installed, CAST Imaging will revert to displaying LOC values for each Technology found in the delivered source code (“Technologies” are a custom nomenclature and can include multiple “Languages”).


Product Release Supported
CAST Imaging Console (using the onboarding with Fast Scan mode only) ≥ 2.7 (tick)
CAST Imaging Viewer ≥ 2.16 (tick)
CAST Imaging Core ≥ 8.3.0 (tick)

Download and installation instructions

This extension is automatically installed by CAST Imaging Console in ≥ 2.8 via a Force Install configuration:

Configuration instructions