Web Files Discoverer - 1.1

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This discoverer detects projects based on the presence of web technology files (for example .HTML, .JS etc.).

In what situation should you install this extension?

The HTML5 and JavaScript extension, or any extension that reuses it (AngularJS , Node.js , jQuery etc.) does not contain a file “discoverer”: this means that no Analysis Units (essential for a successful analysis) will be created by CAST Console. The Web Files Discoverer therefore exists purely to create Analysis Units for use with the HTML5 and JavaScript extension.

Technically, how does the extension work?

The Web Files Discoverer will detect a project (and therefore will create an Analysis Unit) when any of the following files are detected in any of the scanned folders:

  • .js
  • .ts
  • .jsx
  • .tsx
  • .html
  • .htm
  • .xhtml
  • .jsp
  • .jsf
  • .jsff
  • .jspx
  • .xml
  • .json
  • .css
  • .asp
  • .aspx
  • .htc
  • .cshtml
  • .jade
  • .yml
  • .yaml
  • .vue

AIP Core compatibility

AIP Core release
8.3.x (tick)

Download and installation instructions

The extension will be automatically downloaded and installed in CAST Console. You can manage the extension using the Application - Extensions interface.

The file code-scanner-config.xml (available in your Node installation folder) governs when this extension is installed, i.e. it is based on the file extensions in your delivered source code:

<discoverer extensionId="com.castsoftware.webfilesdiscoverer" dmtId="dmtdiscovererhtml5"
    fileExtensions=".js;.ts;.jsx;.tsx;.jsp;.aspx;.cshtml;.xhtml;.htc" label="HTML5 project"/>