Prepare and deliver the source code


Discovery is a process that is actioned during the packaging process whereby CAST will attempt to automatically identify projects within your application using a set of predefined rules. This discovery process also allows CAST to set the initial analysis configuration settings explained in C and Cpp - Analysis configuration.

Discovery for C/C++ is explained in more detail in C and Cpp - Project discovery - you should read this to understand how the source code will be handled and the choices that are available to you.

Prepare the application source code

AIP Console expects the application source code to be delivered either via a ZIP file or via a source code folder configured in AIP Console. Whichever option you chose, you should include in the ZIP/source code folder all of your C/C++ application source code. CAST highly recommends placing all the relevant files in a folder and using sub-folders where necessary. You can deliver other technologies at the same time (for example, database DDL). If you are using a ZIP/archive file, zip the folders in the “temp” folder as shown in the image below - but do not zip the “temp” folder itself, nor create any intermediary folders: