JEE Manifest Discoverer - 1.0

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What’s new?

Please refer JEE Manifest Discoverer 1.0- Release Notes for more information.

Extension description

This discoverer detects projects based on the presence of “MANIFEST.MF” files.

In what situation should you install this extension?

This extension should be used when the java project files such as .project or pom.xml are not delivered with the source code (without these files, the discoverers provided “out of the box” in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool cannot detect java projects) but there is a “MANIFEST.MF” file present under a META-INF folder.

When the extension is installed, you can choose to activate it or not in each package you create in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool. To do so, click the Package Configuration tab and define the type of projects to discover in the package (refer to the Extension interface paragraph below).

Technical information

What does the extension identify - i.e. what does it consider as a “project” and therefore an Analysis Unit in the CAST Management Studio?

A project is created for each parent of META-INF/MANIFEST.MF.

As such, given the following folder structure:


A project “folder2” will be created with a root path of folder1/folder2/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF. 

This project references the various java source folders:

  • %project%/src
  • %project%/test

If jar files are found inside the project root path, they are added in the references of the project:

  • %project%/lib/file.jar

Note that even if the extension is activated, NO MANIFEST based project will be identified when the following conditions are true:

  • root path contains at least one “JEE Eclipse project” .project definition file
  • root path contains at least one “Maven project” pom.xml definition file

CAST AIP Upgrade

When upgrading from CAST AIP 7.0.x to a compatible version (see section below), the java projects already discovered in CAST AIP 7.0.x and all previous configuration changes made in the CAST Management Studio will be preserved.

In order to respect this requirement and the project renaming conventions from v7.0.xx, the extension will remove any character from the project name that is not included in the following character set:


AIP Core compatibility

CAST AIP release
8.3.x (tick)

Extension interface

The following screen shots show the differences in the product when the extension is installed:

  • in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool, in the Package configuration tab, the interface contains a new item in the list of “Project types discovered”:

  • in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool, in the Package Content tab, when the package contains some java files, the interface will display a new item in the list of “Project types discovered”:

  • in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool, in the Package Configuration tab, you can define the various exclusion of projects with the “Filtering rules” and “Project exclusion” lists :

Note: please ensure that you exclude projects that correspond to the same source code.

  • in the CAST Management Studio, when the delivery is accepted and set as current version, the package will contain Analysis Units corresponding to these projects:

  • in the CAST Management Studio, the Analysis Units will contain:
    •  the Source Settings discovered by the extension:
      • Application Root Path
      • Java Source Folders

    • the Analysis Settings discovered by the extension:
      • Class Paths: list of jar files inside the Project Path

Packaging your source code with the CAST Delivery Manager Tool

When you use the CAST Delivery Manager Tool to package the source code, please ensure that you tick the following option in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool to activate the extension:

Note that:

  • this option will be disabled (unticked) in all pre-existing packages - you need to check it before starting the packaging process otherwise it will be ignored.
  • for new packages created after the extension’s installation, the option will be enabled by default

Also note that when a MANIFEST project is identified, it will be marked as “ignored” in the Package Content tab once the packaging action is complete (this means that no corresponding Analysis Unit will be created):

To ensure that the project is marked as “selected” in the Package Content tab once the packaging action is complete (therefore also ensuring the automatic creation of an Analysis Unit), please ensure that you untick the “Exclude all empty projects” option in the Package Configuration tab before you run the package action: