Release Notes - 1.0


Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket Id Details
46032 Fixes an issue wherein an increase in LOC of HTML5 was found after use of Core metrics extension as it was counting JSP files in both JEE+HTML.


Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket Id Details
41724 Fixes an issue where the LOC for the objective C source files are not computed when coremetrics extension is used.

Performance Improvements

Improve performance of function DSSAPP_computeObjectsLOC



First “funcrel” release. Functionally there is no change in comparison with the previous release.


Other Updates

Corrects an issue where Console and Imaging were not reporting the same Line of Code count values, even though the extension was correctly installed prior to launching an analysis.



This extension is a replacement for the existing com.castsoftware.codelines extension which will no longer be maintained. No new functionality has been added in this release. Future releases of this extension will include new functionality.

If you have previously used the com.castsoftware.codelines extension, you must ensure that this extension is removed from %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\CAST\Extensions on your AIP Node BEFORE you download and install the Core Metrics extension.