What software do I need?

Operating System

  • Windows 10/11 64bit, Windows Server 2016/2019/2022 64bit (Server Core is not supported)
  • Linux 64bit (Derivatives of Red Hat / Debian)

Containerization (supported on Linux only)

  • Docker Engine ≥ 18.0
  • docker-compose latest stable release recommended
  • Access to https://hub.docker.com/ on port 443 via TCP


  • Java JDK (≥ 17 LTS and ≤ 20 64bit), with appropriate %JAVA_HOME% system environment variable.

Most Java variants certified by the OpenJDK Community Technology Compatibility Kit are compatible (you can verify if a company has access to the TCK on the OpenJDK website)Oracle JDK (http://jdk.java.net/).

Local user permissions

Microsoft Windows


  • Local administrator privileges (ability to Run as administrator on Microsoft Windows)
  • The ability to execute Powershell scripts is required during the installation process on Microsoft Windows machines
  • The user account running a CAST Imaging installation requires Full Control permissions (either directly or as a member of a group) on the root folder where CAST Imaging components will be installed, for example:

Full Control

Microsoft Windows Services

The default user assigned to all CAST Imaging Microsoft Windows Services during the installation is LocalSystem: CAST highly recommends that this user is not used to run these Windows Services on a permenant basis. This is particularly true if you need to use a proxy service to access specific resources such as CAST Extend and when using shared network services for data storage. In this situation, the user running the Windows Service will be used to access the proxy/shared network services. Instead, CAST recommends using the login credentials that match the user account used to install CAST Imaging - for example, this could be a specific “service account” that is created specifically for installing and running CAST Imaging. This service account would also therefore have access to the shared network resources and would be able to use the system proxy settings.

The user account assigned to the Microsoft Windows Services requires Full Control permissions (either directly or as a member of a group) on the following folders:

Shared network location for common-data/delivery/deploy


  • Local administrator privileges (user in the sudoers list on Linux)

CAST Extend


  • A valid global CAST Imaging license key (provided by your CAST sales contact)


Browser Minimum supported release
Microsoft Edge 44 and above
Mozilla Firefox 95 and above
Google Chrome most recent only
Safari 12 and above