What modes are available for delivering source code for analysis in CAST Imaging?


CAST Imaging uses the “rapid” delivery mode by default. No other mode (i.e “legacy” mode with version history available in previous releases) is available. This mode provides a faster delivery process by skipping some steps related to the management of source code for analysis:

  • Source code for a given version is:
    • either uploaded as a ZIP file and is then unpacked in the upload folder
    • or accessed directly from the specified source code folder
  • Source code is is analyzed from the above locations.


  • Source code is never compressed and copied into the delivery folder, therefore no version history is retained.
  • Source code is, for the most part, never copied to the deploy folder. Note, however, that certain types of source code which require further extraction and processing, such as .castextraction files or PDS dump files will still be copied to the deploy folder.


Skipping two copy actions to move the source code to different folders will significantly improve overall version processing time (i.e. total time taken from specifying the source code to generating the analysis results) especially when the source code volume is very large:

  • Overall application onboarding time may be quicker, especially for larger applications, due to reduced number of times the version source code needs to be copied and moved around.
  • Less disk space required for source code storage.

It is not possible to change from ZIP to source folder location (or vice versa) as the method of source code delivery once a first version has been delivered.