This page provides an explanation of the CAST Management Studio Menu, i.e. the File, Edit, Window etc. menus.

Save All See Save All.
Import File See Using the Import/Export feature.
Export File See Using the Import/Export feature.
Exit Use this option to close the CAST Management Studio. Note that you are not prompted to save any modifications prior to closing the CAST Management Studio.
Undo Use this option to undo a change you have made. This can be used for example when adding an item to a view. It does not function against changes made in an editor.
Redo Use this option to redo a change you have previously undone. This can be used for example when adding/removing an item to/from a view. It does not function against changes made in an editor.
Verify See Verify.
Reset Perspective This option will reset the entire CAST Management Studio perspective (the current arrangement of views and editors) to the default.
Show View This option allows you to open a closed (not currently visible) view. A dialog box will be displayed in which you can select the view you require:

Views listed in grey are currently visible in the CAST Management Studio.

Preferences This option will launch the Preferences dialog box in which you can make changes to the configuration settings:

Refresh deliveries Use this option to refresh the current status of your source code Deliveries. The CAST Management Studio will connect directly to the Source Code Delivery Folder (see Preferences - Platform Setting for more information) to obtain up-to-date information.

See also the Delivery tab in the Application editor.

Manage CAST-MS Connections See Manage CAST-MS Connections.
Help Click this option to launch a standalone Help window displaying the CAST on-line Help. You can also access the help using the F1 key.
About Launches an About dialog box containing specific build, plug-in and configuration details.
License Key See Manage the License Key.
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