Manage the License Key


CAST products function on a global license key basis and before you can use any of the end-user applications (such as CAST Enlighten or CAST Report Center) this key must be entered and registered in the CAST Analysis Service and Dashboard Service. This can all be done via the CAST Management Studio interface - see Launching the CAST Management Studio.

Registering a new License Key

To register a new License Key should your current key have expired:

  • Click Help > License Key
  • The License key dialog box will be displayed, showing the key that has been previously registered (there may not be one if this is the first time you are entering a Licence Key):

  • Enter the key provided to you by CAST.
  • Click OK to register the key.
  • The new key is now registered.


  • Before you can carry out any actions using any other end-user application (such as CAST Enlighten or CAST Report Center you MUST invoke the Synchronize action (right click either the Analysis or Dashboard Services in the Services view and select Synchronize) to replicate the License Key (note that the Synchronize action is also automatically executed when you run an analysis or generate a snapshot).
  • All future Licence Key registration and activation is handled either:
    • by the CAST Management Studio, using the Help > License Key menu
    • or by the CLI interface once it has already been set either via the CAST Management Studio Startup Wizard or via the CLI. The syntax is as follows:
      CAST-MS-CLI.exe ConfigurePlatformPreferences -connectionProfile "<profile>" -licenseKey "<xxxxx>"

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