Launching the CAST Management Studio

The CAST Management Studio can be launched like any other CAST end-user application:

  • Either by selecting the CAST Management Studio shortcut location in the Start menu (created during the CAST setup installation process)
  • Or by navigating to the CAST installation folder and double clicking the CAST-MS.exe application

During a combined installation process (simultaneous installation of all CAST databases - Analysis/Dashboard/Management/Measurement) CAST Server Manager will automatically create a connection profile to the CAST Management Studio database/schema (<prefix>_MNGT) you have installed. Please see CAST Management Studio - Rights for more information about how server access rights and permissions are handled in the CAST Management Studio.

  • If necessary you can test the connection to the target RDBMS/CAST Storage Service by selecting the profile and clicking the button.
  • Check the connection parameters and then click the Verify button:

  • The CAST Management Studio will then attempt to connect to the target RDBMS/CAST Storage Service. If the auto created connection profile is incorrect or the target server is offline, then a message will inform you that the connection test failed. You need to modify the settings or make sure the target server is responding.

  • When you have carried out a successful connection test and closed the Test Connection dialog box, you will return to the Edit Connection Profile dialog box where you simply need to click OK to continue. The Connections Manager dialog box will then be displayed again.
  • Select the connection profile in the list, and then click Connect.
  • The Startup Wizard will then be displayed. Please see CAST Management Studio Startup Wizard for more information.

Note that a connection to a CAST Storage Service or PostgreSQL instance will always connect to the Postgres database within the instance and expect that the CAST Management schema and associated CAST schemas are members of this database. It is not possible to choose a different database.

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