This option will carry out a verification check on all or individual components (depending where the option is launched from). This means that the CAST Management Studio will check that all dependent items are present - for instance a User Defined Module should have one Object Filter.

In addition the validation check will also take into account the external context - for instance, for components that rely on files, a check will be made to ensure that the files exist and are valid (e.g.: Layers and Definition Rules files in the Architecture Model editor).

Using the option

To use the Verify option globally for ALL components:

  • Click the icon located on the Toolbar
  • Use the Edit > Verify menu option

To use the Verify option on individual components:

  • Right click the component you want to verify (for example a Dashboard Service, Architecture Model, Database Server etc.)
  • Choose the icon.

Results are displayed in the Verification view.


  • This check-up is similar to the check carried out automatically in the Validation view.

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