Architecture Model editor

This section provides a detailed description of the Architecture Model editor. This editor essentially provides a means for you to configure your Architecture Model definition file (.CASTArchitect) that will be used by the CAST Management Studio to check that your Application conforms to the required architecture as part of the Architecture Checker feature - please see CAST Architecture Checker for more information about this.

Main Field Headings
Name Displays the name of your Architecture Model.

In the case of newly created architecture models, this will be displayed as My Architecture Model and all other fields will be empty

You can edit the field by selecting it and then modifying or replacing as appropriate. Please see Naming constraints for more information.

Description Use this area to make notes or remarks about the item.
Architecture Project Enter the location of your .CASTArchitect file or use the Browse button to select a file.
Editor buttons

The following buttons are available in the view:

Minimize > Minimize the entire window
Maximize > Maximize the entire window
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