CAST Architecture Checker

The goal of the CAST Architecture Checker is to make it easier for architects to enforce application software architecture rules across IT departments. As part of the CAST Management Studio, the Architecture Checker enables the definition of Software Architecture Models that can be checked against the application implementation. Once the software architecture is defined, the Architecture Checker enables an ongoing check of the implementation and easy-to-use early reporting of any rule violation in the CAST Dashboard. When detected early, these violations can be fixed and can prevent robustness, security and changeability issues.

What's an Architecture Model?

An Architecture Model is a description of the application's organization or intended layout based on layers and authorized dependency rules between these layers. A layer describes a selection of software objects (classes, packages, programs) that are logically or technically grouped together and must only have a relationship with a specific set of other layers.

Take the following example - green arrows indicate the authorized dependencies rules:

Defining an Architecture Model

You can use the CAST Architecture Checker application (CAST-ArchiChecker.exe) located at the root of your CAST installation to define an Architecture Model (use the CAST Architecture Checker User Guide for more information about this application). The Architecture Model is then saved in a .CASTArchitect file, which is then specified in the Architecture model editor:

The Architecture Model is then associated to your Application via the Architecture Models tab in the Application editor. During the snapshot generation process, the CAST Management Studio will check the Application against the rules and layers defined in your definition files.

CAST provides an example .CASTArchitect file in the ArchiCheckerHelp folder located at the root of your CAST installation. A "readme" file located in each subfolder provides further details about the examples.


Results are presented in the CAST dashboard as follows:

  • A parent Technical Criterion "Architecture - Architecture Models Automated Checks" will be visible to which child Quality Rules are attached.
  • Each Architecture Model that you assign to an Application will cause the creation of one corresponding Quality Rule (it will be be displayed with the name of the Architecture Model):

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