Verification view

This section provides a detailed description of the Verification view. The Verification view provides the results of the Verify action (see Toolbar for more information).

CAST recommends that the errors displayed in this view are corrected prior to running an analysis or generating a Snapshot.

Error verification

The errors that are flagged in the Verification view are errors that will prevent the CAST Management Studio from carrying out tasks correctly. Take for example the following errors shown in this Validation view:

  • Invalid Rules Definition > This indicates that although an Architecture Model has been assigned Layers and Rules definition files, these files are not valid.
View headings
Path Shows the location of the error within your Delivery Units
Error Indicates the error
Error correction

If you see an error displayed in the Verification view, you simply need to double click it to correct it. This will open the editor in which the error is located, allowing you to correct the problem.


The Verification view is displayed by default. If you close it, you can re-display it by:

  • Clicking Window > Show View menu and then choosing the Verification view in the displayed dialog box (under MDA).
Similarity to Validation view

The checks carried out for the Verification view are similar to the checks carried out automatically for the Validation view. The following differences exist:

  • the checks are generally more rigorous for the Verification view and will detect errors in external configuration settings such as whether the Layers and Rules files required in the Architecture Model editor are actually valid (instead of simply whether they exist).
  • in general, the results of checks for the Verification view will be slower to display than those for the Validation view because the checks are more rigorous.
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