Microsoft Windows Services startup checker


The Microsoft Windows Services for the CAST Imaging Services and CAST Imaging Node packages are dependent on each other, therefore you may find that when you reboot the host machine, some Microsoft Windows Services will have failed to start because a dependent service has not started quickly enough.

The Microsoft Windows Services in question are as follows:

CAST Imaging Services

  • CAST Imaging Authentication
  • CAST Imaging Console Service
  • CAST Imaging Control Panel
  • CAST Imaging Gateway Service
  • CAST Imaging SSO Service

CAST Imaging Analysis Node

  • CAST Imaging Analysis Node

To resolve this issue, CAST provides a batch script (which can be run either manually or automatically via a Scheduled Task) that will check whether the services are up and running, and if not, start them for you.

Where is the batch script located?

You can find the batch script in the following location, post installation:


How do I run the batch script manually?

The script needs to be run with elevated local permissions, therefore, right click the .bat file and select Run as administrator.

The script will launch a command window which will self close when the check/startup is complete. Check that your services are now Running in the Microsoft Windows Services control panel.

How do I run the batch script automatically?

The script can be set to run automatically on machine reboot via a Microsoft Windows Scheduled Task using the Create Basic Task option:


  • Set the Triggers to At system startup
  • Enable the Run whether user is logged on or not and Run with highest privileges options:

  • You may need to set a delay and set the task to run every minute (for example) for a certain period of time after reboot to ensure that any CAST Imaging Microsoft Windows Services that have failed to start are started eventually: