This section provides technical guides to help you troubleshoot issues encountered while using CAST AIP Product or CAST AIP extensions

You can read our How to use Technical Guides by CAST AIP Component below.

How to use Technical Guides by CAST AIP Component?

How to search?

Searching through these guides is made easy because of the grouping of information reflected in the title of each page. Each page has a title made up of the CAST AIP Component where the issue is observed, followed by the CAST AIP feature if it exists, the technological category if needed (optional), the type of issue and a short description of the issue:

<CAST AIP Component> - <CAST AIP Feature> - <Type of issue> - <Technology> (only mentioned if relevant) - <Short description>

What to do?

Navigate to the ACTION PLAN paragraph available in each page to find out what to do to troubleshoot your issue. Perform the steps sequentially until you find a solution to your problem.
If you cannot fix the issue, you are invited to contact CAST Technical Support and provide them the input listed in the RELEVANT INPUT paragraph provided wherever needed.




Your analysis crashes without any error

  1. Navigate to CMS Snapshot Analysis Component

  2. in CMS Snapshot Analysis Component, run the steps listed in the Action Plan paragraph 

  3. This will lead you to navigate to CMS-Snapshot Analysis - Run Analyzer
  4. In CMS-Snapshot Analysis - Run Analyzer, run the steps listed in the Action Plan paragraph

  5. This will lead you to navigate to CMS-Snapshot Analysis - Run Analyzer - Crash
  6. In CMS-Snapshot Analysis - Run Analyzer - Crash, run the steps listed in the Action Plan paragraph

  7. Proceed with all subsequent pages