This page will help you to solve problems related to errors encountered when launching server Manager.

For more information, refer to:

*Observed in CAST AIP
*Observed on RDBMS
CSS (tick)
Action Plan
  1. If Server Manager is failing to start :
    1. It can be due to some corruptions in your installation folder. You must reinstall the CAST Product again.
    2. If after installing the product, the issue is still there, go to the path : %appdata%/CAST/CAST/<VERSION> and rename the extension of the file servman.ini. Run Server Manager Again.
    3. If the issue still there, the solution would be to use Server Manager from another machine.
  2. If Server Manager is starting and if an issue occurs when connecting to a server:
    1. This may be an issue with Anti-Virus software interfering with Server Manager operation.  Turning off the Anti-Virus software and seeing if the problem persists can confirm this.
      1. If this is an issue with the Anti-Virus, make sure that the Anti-Virus program is not scanning the folders which have PGadmin, postgres, CAST and CSS3 installed
      2. The errors encountered in this scenario have been: 'Invalid Profile', 'Can't connect database', 'Unable to connect to server', or 'Error executing DLL'
    2. If the Server Manager is not responding:
      1. The issue may be due to the content of the folder %TEMP%/CAST/CAST/<CAST VERSION>/Servman/ :
        1. Close Server Manager.
        2. Remove all the files for which the size in 0 kb.
        3. Run Server Manager
        4. Connect to the Database Server
      2. If you still not able to connect, the issue may be due to the size of the Database Server (number of schema).
      3. Connect to a smaller database server.
      4. If you are able to connect, it confirms that the performance issue is due to the size of the database server:
        1. If you have to create triplets you can use Server Manager in command line : Automating CAST Server Manager installation tasks
      5. If you are not able to connect, then it is a Machine issue.
    3. Connect to the Database Server using Server Manager from a different machine:
      1. If the issue still there the issue may be linked to a larger number of database installed on the Database Server :
        1. If you have to create triplets you can use Server Manager in command line : Automating CAST Server Manager installation tasks
      2. If you are able to connect from another machine :
        1. Either the issue is linked to your machine configuration : Check the memory available on your machine, and the machine performance using Task Manager
        2. Or you need to reinstall the CAST AIP version.
    4. If the above points do not help you, visit the below pages :
  3. If the information or solution to the problem is not in this page contact CAST Technical Support with the below relevant input to help CAST Support team investigate the problem or procure the required information.

Relevant input

  • If ServMan is not starting use AD+ to get a crash dump of ServMan.exe
  • Activate the SQL Traces for Server Manager by running Servman in command line : <YOUR INSTALLATION FOLDER>servman.exe -SHOW(SQL_DATA)
  • Sherlock zip file  (For Sherlock, use the following link: CAST Support Tool (CST) - alias Sherlock). The option to select are Export Configuration files, Export log files.
  • Screenshot from Server manager showing the error

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