This page will help to troubleshoot issues where the content of the module is incorrect. For instance you are expecting to see only Java Objects but you are seeing all Oracle Objects. Or you are expecting to see the objects of snapshot N but you are seeing objects of Snapshot N-1.

Observed in CAST AIP


Observed on RDBMS
Action Plan
  1. In CAST Management Studio, in the Modules tab, navigate to CMS Application - Modules - Incorrect module content to check if the issue is in the Module configuration.
  2. If you are getting an object in the dashboard that you do not want to be present hence if you have visited this page then please refer to page CAST Engineering Dashboard - Object - Wrong object
  3. Else if the entire content of the module in CED is not correct then follow the below steps
  4. Select the section you are interested in.
  5. If the above steps do not explain the issue, navigate to CMS Snapshot Analysis - Generate Modules to check if the issue is in the snapshot generation taking into account the modules
  6. If the problem you are facing remains, report your problem to CAST Technical Support and provide the below Relevant input:

For CAST Technical Support Only - Tools - How to synchronize CAST databases triplet

Relevant Input

  • CAST Support Tool (CST) - alias Sherlock export with the following options CAST Bases Checker, Export Logs, Export Configuration files, Export Computer Environment, Export CAST Bases with Management Base, Knowledge Base, Central base
  • Complete screenshot of the dashboard with URL and footer showing your problem
  • Justification on why do you think that the module content is incorrect
  • Screenshot of Cast-MS showing the module content overview


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