This page will help you solve problems related to the specific configuration needed to run dashboards in CAST AIP Console.

CAST AIP Console is a front end web application which provides a means to configure, run, and manage CAST AIP analyses on multiple analysis machines.

CAST AIP Console gives an Application Overview showing the application state regarding versions, analysis and snapshots, Technologies and framework identification and Matching technology between Tech Survey and source code delivered

For more information, refer to:

For the CAST AIP Console Embedded Dashboard, please see this page:  Embedded CAST Dashboard deployment process

For more information on specific issues related to the dashboard operation and configuration not related to AIP Console, please see the following pages:

Applicable Platform

AIP Platform


CAST AIP 8.3(tick) 
AIP Console VersionYes/No
AIP Console 1.8.x  or greater(tick)
Action Plan
  1. When using the CAST AIP Console with an Embedded Dashboard, please make sure that you:
    1. have configured the embedded dashboard with the specific server name vs. localhost
      1. If you use localhost, then you may have issues with the dashboard getting updated
    2. Are using an unrestricted Dashboard key in your configuration
      1. If you use a restricted key, then you can have problems with non-admin user connecting to the dashboard.  As an alternative, you can configure and deploy your own dashboard.  See the dashboard documentation listed above for more information.
  2. If you are using the CAST AIP Console and an Embedded Dashboard, recent results from an analysis will result in a cache reload to be automatically done to refresh the results on the dashboard.  If you are using a Standalone dashboard, this does not happen automatically and you must issue a cache reload command:  Reload the cache
  3. Otherwise, select the section you are interested in.
  4. If the problem you are facing does not match any case listed in this page, report your problem to CAST Technical Support and provide the below Relevant input for CAST Technical Support to reproduce the issue.

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