Summary: describes how to deploy and configure CAST Dashboards embedded in the Console package.


The CAST dashboards (CAST Engineering Dashboard and CAST Health Dashboard) that are provided in the Console install can be linked directly to Console, so that analysis/snapshot result data can be made immediately available to end users. In addition, icons will be available in Console to provide one-click access to the dashboards - no login will be required either:

Please ensure you are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of using embedded dashboards as described in Install CAST Dashboards - new customers.

Technical information

Dashboards provided with Console

The dashboards are provided in the AIP Console installation as follows:

ReleaseInstall modeInstall instructionsDetailsRequirements

Console ≥ 2.x

Enterprise mode via Docker/Docker DesktopEmbedded dashboards are provided as Docker containers and all configuration is automatic. No manual changes are required.-
Enterprise mode via Java JAR installers

Embedded dashboards are provided as a special CAST RESTAPI. This CAST RESTAPI will act as an intermediary between Console/Dashboards and the CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance(s) where the data is stored:

The CAST RESTAPI is provided in the installation media (alongside the other Console installation media file) and is partly pre-configured for use with Console. You must always use the installation media provided with the release of Console you have downloaded:

  • Java JAR installers and ZIP files do NOT require a web application host such as Apache Tomcat
  • WAR files must be deployed on a compliant web application host such as Apache Tomcat
When using Console 1.x (≥ 1.25):
  • an UNRESTRICTED license key is required
  • Java JRE 8 is required

Requirements are identical to the standalone CAST Dashboards. See Standalone dashboard - installation requirements.
Standalone mode via Java JAR installer
Console 1.xStandard mode

Single Sign On

The configuration process effectively creates an SSO (Single Sign On) between the AIP Console and the Engineering and Health Dashboards, therefore when logged into the AIP Console, a user can click through to either of the dashboards and no login prompt will be shown. Users are logged into the dashboards with their AIP Console user, therefore the same user rights apply in the dashboards:

  • If your user login has the global Admin role, you can see all Applications in the dashboards
  • If your user has the global Application Owner role you can see all the Applications in the dashboards that you have created in the AIP Console
  • If your user has any other role, i.e resource level Application Owner / Analysis Manager roles, then it is not currently possible to view Applications in the dashboards