Measurement Service editor

This section provides a detailed description of the Measurement Service editor. This editor provides a means for you to configure a Measurement Service installed on your Database server.


  • A Measurement Service is used to aggregate snapshot data generated from all Dashboard Services associated with a chosen Management Service. This data is then used for presentation in the CAST Health Dashboard which is configured to connect directly to the Measurement Service.
  • Measurement Services are ONLY supported on Management Services installed on a parent CAST Storage Service Database server
  • Measurement Services are automatically defined using the Discover option following the addition of a database server
  • The user name and password used to access the Measurement Service will be the same as used in the parent Database server. Please see CAST Management Studio - Rights for more information about how server access rights and permissions are handled in the CAST Management Studio.

Main field headings

This table lists the field headings that are always visible:

- Name Displays the name of your service.

Because the service has been "discovered" either:

  • from the information automatically defined during the installation process using the CAST Server Manager "Combined" options - see the CAST Installation Guide for more information
  • or via the Discover option when a new Database server is added via the Services view

...the name will be identical to the name of the corresponding database on your Database server.

It is NOT possible to modify the name of a service.

General tab

The General tab displays various options for your Measurement Service:

- Version Displays the version of your Measurement Service as installed in CAST Server Manager. This field is read-only.
Service Unique ID The Service Unique ID refers to the unique ID of your Measurement Service as registered in the Management Service (MNGT database).

This ID is determined automatically by the CAST Management Studio when you use the Discover option on a Database Server in the Services view (or when you first connect to the CAST Management Studio following a combined installation of all CAST database services).

Please let the CAST Management Studio manage this ID - as such, you should only modify this ID if requested to do so by CAST Support.

Test connection Use this option to test the connection to the server hosting the service as defined in the Database server editor.

If the Credentials option is activated, then the Test connection option will use the User and Password defined in the relevant fields in this editor to test the connection to the server hosting the service.

Measurement section

Active for the current Management Service This option defines whether the current Measurement Service is active for the current Management Service (MNGT database). When the Measurement Service is active, it is the target for any snapshot data that is generated in any Application associated with the parent Management Service (MNGT database), when you chose to upload snapshot data to the Measurement Service.

You can choose to upload snapshot data when you generate a Snapshot of an Application, or you can upload data from all snapshots that have been generated for an Application (see the Upload snapshots to Measurement Service in the Execute tab).

When snapshot data is uploaded to the Measurement Service, users of the CAST Health Dashboard will be able to view top level data from that snapshot.

When is this option made "active"?

  • If you installed all four CAST databases using a Combined Install option in CAST Server Manager, then the Measurement Service will automatically be active for the Management Service installed at the same time.
  • If you have:
    • migrated from a previous version of CAST where the Measurement Service is not supported
    • installed the Measurement Service after you installed the three CAST databases (Management/Analysis/Dashboard Services)

    you will have installed a standalone Measurement Service in CAST Server Manager if you want to use the CAST Health Dashboard. In this case the Measurement Service is NOT automatically active for the current Management Service (MNGT database) and you will need to make it active by clicking the Activate button:

If you already have an Application or Applications in the CAST Management Studio, you will be prompted to choose whether you want to upload the data for all the snapshots that have been generated for the given Application(s). If you do not want to upload data for a specific Application, ensure that you untick the relevant Application(s):

What happens if you activate an additional Measurement Service?

It is possible to install an additional Measurement Service, however, only one Measurement Service can be activated for the parent Management Service at any one time. As such, if you try to activate an additional Measurement Service when you already have a Measurement Service active for the parent Management Service, then you will be prompted as follows:

  • First choose whether you want to delete any existing results stored in the "current" Measurement Service, before activating the new Measurement Service. By default, this option is NOT selected. Click Next.

  • You will now be prompted to choose the Application(s) whose results you would like to add to the new Measurement Service. By default, all Applications are selected. Click Finish to proceed.
  • You may now need to update your CAST Health Dashboard configuration to point to the new Measurement Service.
Notes tab

The Notes tab is simply an area that you can use to make notes or remarks about the selected item.

Editor buttons

The following buttons are available in the view:

Minimize > Minimize the entire window
Maximize > Maximize the entire window
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