Add database server

By default the Services view will display database servers and associated services automatically using the information defined during the installation process using CAST Server Manager - see the CAST Installation Guide for more information.

However, you can add further database servers for accessing additional Analysis/Dashboard/Messurement services installed on them as described below.

To add a new database server:

  • ¬†You can either:
    • Click one of the Add icons () located on the menu bar of the Services view (click the button that corresponds to the type of Database Server that you would like to add)
    • Right click whitespace in the Services view and select the appropriate Add new <database_server_type>
    • Use the dropdown menu icon () located on the menu bar of the Services view
  • A component called My <server_type> will then be displayed in the view:

  • The Database server editor will then be automatically displayed - use this to make all required configuration changes.
  • If there are Analysis/Dashboard/Measurement Services installed on the newly added Database Server, use the Discover option to automatically define them.
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