Note that CAST highly recommends updating to the new release of AIP Console to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. See Upgrade process for more information about this.

Upgrading to 1.25

The following technical notes are intended to provide additional information about the upgrade process for moving to 1.25:

Extend Proxy

The minimum required release (when using it) is 1.1.0-funcrel. Older releases will not function with AIP Console ≥ 1.25.

Embedded dashboards

The intermediary CAST RESTAPI that provides the link between AIP Console and the Dashboard schemas hosted on CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL has been changed and a ZIP file is now provided instead of a WAR file. AIP Console ≥ 1.25 will no longer function with a CAST RESTAPI provided with a previous release of AIP Console, therefore, those moving to AIP Console ≥ 1.25 and using embedded Dashboards, must use this new ZIP deployment. See Embedded CAST Dashboard deployment process and CAST RESTAPI integrated upgrade.

Extend credentials

The Extend official service option now requires an API Key instead of username/login, for security reasons. For those already using Extend official service with a previous release of AIP Console, the API Key for your username will be fetched automatically by AIP Console as part of the upgrade process. See Administration Center - Settings - CAST Extend.


Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
31853Discovery step fails with error - java.lang.NullPointerException:


Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
31177Install Extensions step fails with error : No such host is known.
31034Install Extensions step fails with error : No such host is known.
30922Mismatch between the reported file extensions discovered in AIP Console and those discovered in CMS DMT.


Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-10621Correct a regression introduced in 1.25.0 with regard to the tick and cross icons displayed in the Application > Logs panel (change the colours back to green and red respectively).

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
30871Unable to add exclusion during source delivery. The exclusion option in the add version wizard is disabled.


New Features

Administration - Multi application upgradeIt is now possible to perform upgrades of multiple applications in one go using the interface available in See also
UI - Reference Finder - Replace Pattern functionThe Reference Finder now includes the ability to replace a matched string with a string of your choice. See
Function Points - View objects involved in Transactional FunctionsIt is now possible to view the objects (and details about them) that are involved in Transactional Functions. This functionality is available in the "Function Points - Enhancement" panel at Application level. See
Function Points - Exclude ObjectsIt is now possible to exclude / un-exclude one or multiple object(s) from the list of objects of a transactional function in the "Function Points - Enhancement panel". "Excluded" means that the object is not considered in the enhancement calculation for any transactional functions, even if it is itself added, deleted or modified. As a result, it won't impact its parent transactional function's status. See
Function Points - View Excluded ObjectsObjects that you have excluded from the previous snapshot and those that will be excluded from the next snapshot are now accessible directly from the "Function Points - Enhancement" panel. See
Function Points - View Shared Counter ExclusionIt is now possible to view the list of objects that are "shared" X number of times for a given transactional function. Items can also be excluded from the next snapshot in this interface. See
Function Points - Recompute ChecksumsIt is now possible to run a "Recompute Checksums" action when you have excluded objects and you want the data showing in AIP Console to be up-to-date. This option is available in the "Function Points - Enhancement" panel. See
Transactions - set custom exclude rules to technicalIt is now possible to set a new or existing custom transaction exclude rule to technical. Items captured by the rule are then considered as "technical objects" and they do not impact the status of Transactional Functions when the Automated Enhancement Point (AEP) measure is being used (the default). See

Feature Improvements

UI - Source code delivery - Overwrite existing exclusion rulesAn option called "Overwrite existing exclusion rules" has been added in the source code delivery wizard in the "Manage Exclusions" panel if the "Same configuration as previous version" option has been enabled in the source code zip upload panel. This option is typically required when an application has been imported from CAST Management Studio and exclusion rules were defined in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool (DMT). Exclusion rules defined in the DMT and those defined in AIP Console are different, therefore if you need to retain the rules defined previously in the DMT you should keep this option in the default disabled position to avoid exclusion rules from AIP Console overwriting those defined in the DMT.
UI - Admin Center - Snapshot IndicatorsIt is now possible to activate/deactivate individual or multiple snapshot indicators directly in the Admin center. See
Administration - Embedded Dashboard configuration - CAST RESTAPIThe intermediary CAST RESTAPI that provides the link between AIP Console and the Dashboard schemas hosted on CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL has been changed and a ZIP file is now provided instead of a WAR file. This means that it is no longer necessary to deploy a separate Apache Tomcat instance just to configure Dashboards embedded in AIP Console. This change also means that the process of configuring the intermediary CAST RESTAPI has changed slightly. In addition, AIP Console 1.25 will no longer function with a CAST RESTAPI provided with a previous release of AIP Console, therefore, those moving to 1.25 and using embedded Dashboards, must use this new ZIP deployment. See
UI - Mainframe - Working Folders optionThe Working Folders option has been implemented at Application and Analysis Unit level in AIP Console. Previously this option was only available in legacy CAST Management Studio. See
Administration - Application import from legacy CAST Management StudioIt is now possible to import an Application with an AIP schema version number that is older than the AIP Node you are importing into. You can then upgrade this application to match the AIP Node AIP version number using AIP Console. Previously the application that was being imported required the same AIP schema version number as the AIP Node..
Startup wizard or Admin Center - Extend settingsChanges have been implemented in the startup wizard / Admin Center with regard to the Extend settings: 1) The default "Extend official service" option now requires an API Key for authentication, rather than username/password (the API Key can be generated in CAST Extend). 2) The CAST Extend Proxy option now requires a minimum release of Extend Proxy (Extend local server) of 1.1.0-funcrel. See and
UI - Reference FinderThe Reference Finder UI has been improved: 1) the layout has changed to include the Replace functionality, 2) Reference Finder rule check results are now available via the slide-in panel displayed on the right hand side. See

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-10344It is now possible to delete an application even if the application's AIP/schema version is older than the current AIP Node which is managing the application. In previous releases this was not possible due to the way in which the application delete was performed.
WEBI-10274When running the "Publish to Health Dashboard" action, the application's status was previously set to "snapshot ongoing". This has been corrected and the status is now "Publishing to Health Dashboard" to match the status used when publishing to CAST Imaging.
WEBI-10440Improvements have been made to the conditions in which a version will be deleted after a failure in the delivery process, or when the delivery is manually stopped. See
WEBI-10122In this release of AIP Console, ExtensionDownloader.exe (located on each AIP Node) is no longer responsible for downloading any required extensions. Instead the CLI utility called "ExtendCLI" is now used. See ExtendCli is able to use a manual proxy configuration defined in AIP Console (ExtensionDownloader was not able to). See also:

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
29717Regular expressions added to ignore from DMT is not present when imported to AIP Console
30152[Problem]-AIP node is not getting started and failed with an error "org.springframework.boot.SpringApplication - Application run failed java.lang.NullPointerException: null"
29214Adding an application in Console overwrites delivery index.xml file with only applications from that specific node when the nodes are located in a NAS path
29795AIP Console 1.24 in Linux server is crashing during start-up when SAML authorization is enabled
29392Getting error some paths could not be substituted when Visual Studio is not installed in AIP Node machine
30257Extension wpf is not getting updated to latest version
29895How to clean up the snapshot which is in progress and start a new snapshot without using the script and Bamboo?
30374Unexpected Assessment model changes after upgrading the Application in Console.
30034Maven repo with system proxy does not work: Exception while executing a Groovy script For input string: "8,080" Return value: 1000
29247Snapshot data is not getting deleted from measure schema although the App is deleted in Console
30094AIP Console License key - "your license key does not allow Function Point counting”
30263Checking the contents of a Module in Console results in a Network Error
30384While adding a version in Console for the PL1 source getting the missing path popup even when there is no change in the source between the versions
29844AIP Console domains are not sorted as per the names in alphabetical order.
30016No AU created for Natural Language