What can be upgraded

The following components and packages can be upgraded to new releases:

  • Front-end Console package (including embedded Dashboards) - must be upgraded together with the Back-end Node package
  • Back-end Node package on ALL Nodes - must be updated together with the Front-end  Node package
  • Deployed CAST-RESTAPI for embedded Dashboards
  • AIP Core installed on AIP Nodes
  • Applications to new AIP Core release (schema and delivery folder upgrade)
  • Standalone CAST Dashboards (if not using embedded Dashboards)

Bear in mind that updates described in this section are designed to retain all data where possible (i.e. analysis results, settings etc.), however, CAST always recommends running a backup BEFORE you start.

If you are using the AIP Automation Tools available from https://github.com/CAST-Extend/com.castsoftware.aip.console.tools you MUST ensure that these are ALSO upgraded to the same release as the Front-end AIP Console package and the Back-end AIP Node package (in other words, AIP Console/AIP Node release must match the AIP Automation Tools release. This process is beyond the scope of this documentation.

Release Notes

Before any update process, CAST highly recommends reading the release information to find out what's new and what's changed in the target release: