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CAST highly recommends updating to the new release of Console to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. See Upgrade process for more information about this.

Compatibility matrix

ComponentRequired releaseNotes
Installer for embedded dashboards (when using standalone or Windows JAR installers)


You must use the installer provided with the current release of Console, otherwise there is no guarantee of compatibility.
CAST Imaging≥ 2.5.2-funcrel-



Feature Improvements

UI - Admin Center - Include Debug Messages optionThe behaviour of the "Include Debug Messages" option available in the Admin Center (Applications > View details > Debug options) has been modified: the option will return to the disabled position automatically immediately after the next analysis job has completed. This is so that debug messages are only made available in the analysis log file when the are required: if the option is left enabled for all analyses, analysis log messages can become very large. See
UI - Job Progress panel - Alerts - View Remedy buttonImprovements have been implemented to the "View Remedy" button for alerts displayed in the Job Progress panel: 1) for "unanalyzed file" type alerts, a list of unanalzyed files is now provided which can be downloaded, 2) for analysis indicator alerts, on clicking the title of the alert, the "analysis results indicators" section in the Overview page is displayed, 3) for missing jars alert types, the names of the missing jars is now provided which can be downloaded. See
UI - Admin Center - Delete Application behaviourWhen deleting an application (single or in bulk), a new option has been added to the warning dialog box called "Keep backup files" which (when ticked) will ensure that any backup/Sherlock data on disk is retained. See
Technical - New Analysis / Snapshot Indicator - Transactions with high number of objectsA new analysis/snapshot indicator has been implemented called "Transactions with high number of objects". This indicator is available after the analysis/snapshot is complete and lists transactions that are highly complex with a large number of objects. See
UI - Admin Center - Global Configurations - Alert Settings - Log Message IDsA new section has been added to the Admin Center - Global Configurations - Alert Settings panel called "Log Message IDs": this allows you to create custom alerts based on a specific Log Message IDs found in the analysis log - in other words, when a Log Message ID is added to the list, whenever that specific Log Message is encountered during an analysis, a custom alert will be displayed. See
UI - Admin Center - Global Configurations - Alert Settings - Request validation for all alertsA new option has been added called "Request validation for all alerts": when enabled, the option "Alerts have been reviewed and validated" is added in to the "Job Progress panel", "Overview with Fast Scan panel" and "Application - Logs panel, and until the check box is ticked, the "Upload to Imaging" will not complete. The goal of this option is to ensure that users do not ignore alerts that have been displayed during the analysis process. See
Technical - Automatic UTF-8 conversion featureAn improvement has been implemented in the "Automatic UTF-8 conversion feature": if the "application.sourceCodeFiles.conversionToUtf8.backupFiles" is set to true and if over the time several versions of the same files are delivered, their repeated conversion to UTF-8 will result in repeated creation of backup files since their filenames are timestamped. To avoid the accumulation of outdated backup files, once the conversion of all application files to UTF-8 has completed, only the most recent backup of each file that has again be converted to UTF-8 is kept. For more information see
UI - Admin Center - Glorbal Configurations - Alert Settings - ThresholdsA new section has been added to the Admin Center - Global Configurations - Alert Settings panel called "Thresholds": this section allows you to modify the thresholds set for two specific alerts related to unanalyzed files - see In Console 2.9, these thresholds were configured only in the Node .yml configuration file (see If you have set custom values for these thresholds using this method in Console 2.9 and you action an in-place upgrade to a more recent release of CAST Console, the custom values will be lost and you will need to re-set them using the UI in the Admin Center.

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
WEBI-14557An improvement has been implemented to ensure that when the Job History option (available in the Admin Center > Global Configurations panel) is enabled, a minimum amount of analysis logs are retained to avoid unknown status issues. See for more information about this option.
WEBI-15846The option "Keep backup data" (displayed in the Admin Center > Applications panel when running an application delete action) has been renamed to "Keep backup files"
WEBI-15311An improvement has been implemented to ensure that alerts are displayed in order, i.e the most recent is now always displayed at the very top of the list of alerts.
WEBI-15869Updates have been made to support the automatic detection of technologies supported via the following "labs" and "user community" extensions: com.castsoftware.uc.asmzos, com.castsoftware.uc.datastage, com.castsoftware.uc.easytrieve, com.castsoftware.uc.guice, com.castsoftware.uc.jni, com.castsoftware.uc.natural.adabas, com.castsoftware.uc.perl, com.castsoftware.labs.rexx, com.castsoftware.labs.focus,, com.castsoftware.labs.zos.basesas. In addition, static dependencies to SQL technology have been added for the following custom technologies: Mainframe Control Parms, Assembler, Rexx Language, Easytrieve Plus Language, FOCUS Language, BaseSAS, Perl, RDL, Natural.
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