This page will help you to solve problems related to Managing Extensions in Server Manager.

Extensions provide additional analysis and measurement capabilities for CAST AIP.

CAST AIP extensions provide support for the analysis measurement and discovery of specific technologies that are not supported straight away by CAST AIP such as Python, Siebel or People Soft.

Or extensions can be third-party custom extensions which are add-ons to enhance CAST AIP built by third-parties primarily using the CAST AIP Extension SDK to enhance CAST analyzers or using the Universal Analyzer framework to provide analysis support through the creation of a Universal Analyzer language package for technologies that are not covered by CAST AIP or the official CAST AIP extensions. Examples of Third party custom extensions are DLM rule sets, SQL queries in SQL Tool and KB Update Assistant, Report generator templates etc

Regardless of the type of Extensions whether third party or official, extensions can be installed using CAST Server Manager by right clicking on the triplet node and select "Manage Extensions" and then choosing the needed extensions which are already available in your hard drive. Prior to using the Server Manager extensions should be downloaded to your hard drive using the Extension Downloader.

Official documentation: SRV - Manage Extensions

*Observed in CAST AIP


8.3.x (tick)
*Observed on RDBMS
CSS (tick)

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With Manage extension it is possible to select only the needed extensions. Manage extension is available from CAST AIP version 8.0 onwards. In the versions prior to 8.0 Component Update option was available, please see this page for more information. With component update option it was not possible to choose the needed individual extensions.

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