Install Database option is the starting point for all new installation operations. If you want to:

  • create a new Analysis Service
  • create a new Dashboard Service
  • create a new Management Service
  • create a new Measurement Service (CAST Storage Service 2 and above only)

You can either use an existing database/schema for your CAST Database/Schema or create a new database/schema on the host server.

This page will help you solve problems related to Install Database feature in Server Manager. Example of error during Installing schemas

For more information, refer to: 

  • Online-help :  Server Manager > Help > Features > Database/Schema Installation > Database/Schema Installation
  • TKB page for Information Guides : Server Manager
*Observed in CAST AIP


*Observed on RDBMS
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Action Plan
  1. If in CAST Version higher than 7.3.x, during the installation, the Server Manager is crashing with the message "Server Manager stopped working",
    1. Remove the extension folder (path is described is CAST AIP Extensions > CAST AIP Extensions Documentation > Extension download and installation > Extension Path) and
    2. Run the Installation again.
  2. Navigate to the section below to assist with the problem:
  3. If you do not find the information you are looking for or solution for your problem, in this page, contact CAST Technical Support and provide the relevant input to investigate your problem and to reproduce the issue.

Relevant input

  • The User privileges used to install the Schema - Refer to the Server Manager Help Online : Installation Requirements > User privileges and requirements for server-side installation. To get these informations  Server Manager - Install Database.
  • Screenshot of the CAST Base Installation window, as below screenshot :
  • If the Database installation has crashed, that means if it has stopped abruptly without any error message in the servman.castlog file but a windows message says "Server Manager stopped working", provide the details of that error message.
  • CAST Support Tool (CST) - alias Sherlock. Option to select : Export Configuration files, Export log files. The CST must be run on the machine where server manager has been run.

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