This page helps you to troubleshoot issues when you are seeing Object A on dashboard that you are not expecting to see for various reasons like

  1. You do not have it in your application source code
  2. You have not included it in your module etc
Observed in CAST AIP

Observed on RDBMS
Action Plan
  1. Select the section you are interested in.

    If the problem you are facing does not match any case listed above then follow the below steps -
  2. If you are seeing generated objects on the dashboard then it could be due to the SQL query in the explicit content section of the User Defined Module. The external objects are then included in the module which is not the default behavior when you let a full content module being generated. If you do not have any SQL query in the Explicit Content yet you are seeing generated objects then contact  CAST Technical Support and provide the below Relevant input
  3. Check the module content overview
    Figure 1
    1. If your object is present in the Object Details Tab then this is the reason why you are able to see the object on the dashboard , please check the object filters so that you can remove this object from the module content
    2. If your object is not present in the module content but still you are seeing the object on dashboard then please contact  CAST Technical Support and provide the below Relevant input

For CAST Technical Support Only - This page will be followed -  Tools - How to synchronize CAST databases triplet


Relevant input

  • CAST Support Tool (CST) - alias Sherlock export with the following options CAST Bases Checker, Export Logs, Export Configuration files, Export Computer Environment, Export CAST Bases with Management Base, Knowledge Base, Central base ,Export source code 
  • Complete screenshot of the dashboard with URL and footer showing the unexpected object

  • Justification on why do you think that the object should not be present on the dashboard.

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