The grades are displayed as 0 on the dashboard despite the fact that the analysis and the snapshot have been generated without any error. Here is a screenshot of what can be observed in the dashboard:

Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS
Step by Step Scenario
  1. Take and analysis and snapshot without any error
  2. Connect to the dashboard
  3. Grades are shown as 0 at some or all levels: Quality rule, Technical Criteria, Business Criteria as shown in the screenshot above

 Please check the weight of the quality rule:

 As you can see in the screenshot above, the weight is set to 0 for the onl module of this application. Because the weight is 0 all the grade at the Quality rule level will be 0. Hence, the aggregation at the technical criteria level and ad the Business criteria level will be to 0

Why the module weight is set to 0?

The module weight is probably equal to 0 because of the consolidation mode set in CAST-MS. Please check your configuration:

Example 1

Here in the example above, you can see that the computation has been done based on the number of artifacts.

However, the number of artifact for this application is 0 (if you are not expecting to 0 artifacts then refer to the following page - CMS Application - Modules - Incorrect module content - Missing objects), this is why the module weight is set to 0. You can check the number of artifacts by selecting the current and previous module version in the quick access -> and click on the benchmark and monitor button:

In this case, you can change the consolidation mode, (you can use simple average since you have only one module) to get the grades correctly computed

Example 2

In this second example, the grade of 0 for Quality rule "Avoid having multiple Artifacts inserting data on the same SQL Table":

The weight associated to the "Database content" module is equal to 0 as you can see above.

Since this is the only module on which the Quality rule is applied, the grade is set to 0 for this Quality Rule.

The weight of the "Database content" module is equal to 0 because the weight metric is set to "Number of Code Lines" :

select * 
from sys_site_options 
join dss_metric_descriptions 
on metric_id =option_value
where option_name = 'ADG_CENTRAL_WEIGHT_METRIC' 
and description_type_id = 0 
and  language = 'ENGLISH' 

-- returns "ADG_CENTRAL_WEIGHT_METRIC";"10151";10151;0;"ENGLISH";"Number of Code Lines"

When you look at the content detail of this module, it only contains table and the number of lines of codes for this module is 0:

 Hence, following this investigation, it is an expected behavior

Impact on Analysis Results and Dashboard

If you set up the correct consolidation mode, the grades will be computed properly.

 Ticket # 2096