Purpose (problem description)

This page handle the issue of Missing Business criteria Complexity ERP customization

Observed in CAST AIP
8.3.x (tick)
Observed on RDBMS
CSS (tick)

Step by Step scenario

  1. Run a full snapshot
  2. Open CED
  3. Search for the missing Quality rule
Action Plan

  1. Check if the table dss_metric_types, dss_metric_value_types, dss_metric_type_trees, and dss_metric_descriptions contain the quality rule, for this execute the following queries on the central schema:

    SELECT * 
    FROM   dss_metric_types 
    WHERE  metric_id = 61032 
    SELECT * 
    FROM   dss_metric_type_trees 
    WHERE  metric_id = 61032 
    SELECT * 
    FROM   dss_metric_value_types 
    WHERE  metric_id = 61032 
    select *
    from dss_metric_descriptions
    where metric_id = 61032

    If the above query do not return rows then the Quality rule is not present uner the central schema. If you confirm that the Quality rule is not present under the central schema then go to the next step, else do not perform the next step.

    1. If you are using Siebel 5.1.1 then this is a known bug that will be fixed in a future Siebel version, as a Work around perform the following

      1. Execute the queries contained in Complexity - ERP customization FIX.sql under the central schema.

      2. Open CED and check that the Quality rule is not missing.

  2. If the above steps do not solve your issue contact CAST Technical Support. with the following Relevant input



Ticket # 10607

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