Available in AIP Core  8.3.37.


The file CAST-Connection-Profile-Configuration.py has been made available to allow you to manually create an entry in a cast-ms.connectionProfiles.pmx file. The file is available in the following location:


It should be executed via the command line or in a batch script using the python.exe provided in AIP Core here:



python.exe CAST-Connection-Profile-Configuration.py --filepath my_connectionprofile_filename_with_path --name my_connection_profile_name --host my_css_postgres_host --port my_css_postgres_port --database my_css_postgres_database --user my_css_postgres_user --cryptedpassword my_crypted_password --schema my_mngt_schema_name

Parameter definition

--filepath FILEPATHcast-ms.connectionProfiles.pmx file path, i.e. "%APPDATA%\Cast\Cast\8.3" (default: None).
--name CONNECTION PROFILE NAMEName of the connection profile you want to edit or create.
--schema SCHEMA Management Schema name (default: None).
--user USERUsername used to connect to CSS/PostgreSQL server (default: operator).
--host HOST Host for CSS/PostgreSQL server (default: localhost)
--port PORTPort for CSS/PostgreSQL server (default: 2282)
--database DATABASE CSS/PostgreSQL database name (default: postgres)
--cryptedpassword CRYPTEDPASSWORDCrypted password used to connect to CSS/PostgreSQL server for the user specified in --user. (default: CRYPTED2:90B1A6EC1618661401B724DB5AC34595 which corresponds to CastAIP)