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  • Support for SAML authentication mode in 2.x WAR and ZIP files
  • Microsoft Windows Service installer
  • Shutdown script for ZIP file deployment on Linux 

Can be used with:

  •  8.3.3

  • Dashboard 2.0 comes with ZIP files (along with WAR files), which allows you to install Dashboard without Tomcat.
  • Dashboard 2.0 comes with support for SSL connection
  • Contains customer bug fixes


Feature Improvements

Authentication - SAMLSAML authentication mode is now supported in 2.x WAR and ZIP files. See:
Logging - SQL tracesIn the 2.0.0-beta1 release, DEBUG and SQL traces were enabled by default, inflating the log file size. DEBUG and SQL traces are now disabled by default, however, they can be enabled if required. See:
Deployment - Microsoft Windows Service installerA batch script is now available to install a Windows Service specifically to handle the startup and shutdown of the deployed ZIP files. Instructions are provided in the installation guide - for example for the Security Dashboard See:
Shutdown script for ZIP file deployment on LinuxA script has been added for those deploying the ZIP files on Linux. For Microsoft Windows deployments not using a Microsoft Windows Service, use the CTRL+C keyboard option to gracefully stop the web application. See:

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
DASHBOARDS-3419The file hierarchy in the deployed ZIP files has been updated. All configuration files are now located in a folder called "configurations" at the root of the unpacked ZIP. All documentation has been updated to reflect this change.
DASHBOARDS-00000The custom HTTP status code "470" returned by the RestAPI in v. 1.x when a request is attempted and the user is not authenticated has been changed to a standard "401" status code in v. ≥ 2.x. If you are relying on the RestAPI to return a 470 status when unauthenticated requests are attempted, you should update your custom application to use the 401 status instead. See also

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
27297When attempting to use the following AppMarq related RestAPI URL "AAD/datamart/app-health-evolution" an error is displayed "ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint".


New Features

Dashboard architecture change in 2.xRelease 2.0.0-funcrel is the first release of the CAST Dashboards that will use Spring Boot technology. In the most basic terms, this means that it is now possible to deploy the CAST Dashboards without the need for a standalone web application server such as Apache Tomcat - the web application server is instead embedded within the delivered dashboard. This will simplify and speed up the deployment of the CAST Dashboards. See
SSL connection to CAST Storage Service / PostgreSQL instanceIt is now possible to configure the dashboards to connect to use an SSL encrypted connection to a CAST Storage Service / PostgreSQL instance that is configured to accept incoming SSL connections. See

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
DASHBOARDS-3217Console error on changing assessment model selector
DASHBOARDS-3216Console error on drill down to exclusion
DASHBOARDS-3264Background blur when Dialog is open in Action Plan and Exclusion views
DASHBOARDS-3214Download button hover CSS need to fix for all Violation Tables
DASHBOARDS-3209Console error with Architecture model view
DASHBOARDS-3293Architecture models dependency arrows are not correctly oriented
DASHBOARDS-2220Support of SSL connection
DASHBOARDS-3263Same tooltip "Download AEP data to a file" is displaying in functional and enhancement size views

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
28144Mismatch in removed violations count between dashboard (Dashboard open through CMS and WAR)

Known Issues

Internal IdDetails
DASHBOARDS-3326Dashboard version number is not displaying in Apache Tomcat Manager page.
DASHBOARDS-3325SQL traces are activated by default in the log file.
DASHBOARDS-3324Stop or shutdown batch file is not present in Spring Boot ZIP files.
DASHBOARDS-3170SAML authentication not supported in this release.