Workflow - Application onboarding with Fast Scan


The onboarding with Fast Scan workflow simplifies the "legacy" process used by CAST Console since its first release:

  • Source code is uploaded via a ZIP file or directly from a source code folder.
  • An initial fast scan is then run and results of this are displayed in the Application - Overview with Fast Scan panel at application level where the delivered source code can be inspected (size, structure etc.), source code filters (exclusions) can be defined and an architecture preview diagram can be consulted.
  • Console will alert you if the architecture preview produced by the fast scan identifies missing source code - you can provide this missing code before you start the analysis process.
  • Following that, an analysis (when the application is created in Console) and publishing of the results to CAST Imaging or CAST Dashboards are actioned. For the initial deep analysis, these actions are ALL run one after the other, i.e. it is not possible to choose whether to action just the analysis on its own. For subsequent analyses, individual steps can be chosen.

The main goal of the onboarding with Fast Scan workflow is to encourage source code to be inspected and corrected if necessarybefore it is sent for analysis and upload to ensure that the correct source code has been delivered and any unwanted code is excluded. This is done immediately after the initial fast scan action.

An onboarding with Fast Scan always uses the Rapid, without version history delivery mode therefore reducing the time required to process the uploaded source code - see AIP Console - Delivery Modes 



Ensure you read Prerequisites - Application onboarding.

Enable the workflow

In order to use this onboarding with Fast Scan workflow, ensure that it is enabled, see Administration Center - Settings - Application Onboarding:

When enabled, the Onboard application button will appear in the AIP Console - Application Management screen:

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