This option toggles the onboarding with Fast Scan workflow(see also Application - Overview with Fast Scan). This onboarding mode includes the "fast scan" phase and result validation before progressing to an analysis:

Option behaviour

≥ 2.6

In ≥ 2.6, the option is enabled by default for fresh installs, i.e. the onboarding with Fast Scan workflow (Workflow - Application onboarding with Fast Scan) will be the default mode. For those upgrading, the previously enabled workflow will remain unchanged. This means that in the Application Management panel:

  • only the Onboard application button will be visible
  • only applications onboarded using the workflow with Fast Scan mode will be visible

To return to the legacy onboarding workflow, disable the option:

Then use the toggle switch to switch into the legacy onboarding workflow (Workflow - Legacy application onboarding):

When the legacy onboarding workflow is in operation:

  • only the Add application button will be visible (1)
  • a toggle switch is available in the toolbar to switch between the two different onboarding workflows (2)
  • only applications onboarded using the legacy workflow are visible

≤ 2.5

In ≤ 2.5, the option is disabled by default in all situations. Enabling this option will activate the onboarding with Fast Scan workflow and the "Onboard application" option in the Application Management panel, for all users:

The Application - Overview with Fast Scan panel will be made available: