This action is not necessary if you are not using the CAST Dashboards.

The easiest and quickest way to check the results of a snapshot generation is to open them and view your results. If you are using embedded Dashboards, you can click the icons highlighted below (no login required):

Alternatively, you can access direct to a specific application in the Engineering Dashboard using the icon available in the AIP Console - Application Management page. Move to the  Console screen if you are not already there:

Click the icon highlighted below (no login required):

Validate using the snapshot report

Every time a snapshot is generated for a given Application, a report is created in JSON format summarizing the content and other information. This report can help validate your snapshot to ensure that it is coherent. You can find the report in the following location on the Node that was responsible for running the snapshot:


Delete snapshot if not satisfactory and then regenerate

If the initial snapshot is not satisfactory, delete it - this will remove it from both the Engineering and Health Dashboards. To do so, locate the Application and click it:

Locate the snapshot and then delete it:

Once deleted, you will need to perform any configuration changes that might be necessary and then generate the snapshot again and upload to Health Dashboard, using the icon in the bottom right corner: