At the current time there are two methods available for deploying CAST Dashboards (Health/Engineering) - each option has its advantages and disadvantages. The steps required for each option are detailed below.

Use dashboards embedded in Console
  • Seamless login with Console credentials
  • Roles assigned in Console are active in embedded dashboards to restrict access to Application data
  • Dedicated icons in Console to directly access the required dashboard
  • Fully embedded and automated in Console processes
  • When using a Docker deployment of Console, dashboards are provided in a dedicated container - no installation or configuration is required.

Documentation: Embedded CAST Dashboard deployment process

  • Dashboards cannot be manually updated to a new dashboard version independently: since the dashboards are embedded in Console, updating to a new dashboard version requires updating Console and all Nodes to a new release which contains the required version of the dashboard
  • Dashboards can be fully customized (i.e. tiles can be modified etc.) starting from the 1.25 release of Console.
Use standalone dashboards
  • No seamless login with Console credentials - users will need to login separately with authentication managed by the dashboard
  • No dedicated icons in Console for directly accessing the required dashboards
  • Need to wait until an Application has been created in Console (and therefore associated database schemas) before being able to complete the standalone dashboard configuration process

Documentation Standalone CAST Dashboard deployment process

If you have decided to use standalone dashboards, please follow the instructions provided and ensure you configure the standalone dashboards to display data from the relevant schemas installed by Console:

  • For the Engineering Dashboard, you will need to onboard a new application in Console (which will create the associated Dashboard schema) before you can configure the context.xml file to pick up data from the correct Dashboard schema. You can view the details of the Dashboard schema for each Application in Administration Center - Applications - Application Details.

  • For the Health Dashboard, the Measurement schema is created when the first snapshot is generated on any Node. You can view the details of the Measurement schema in Administration Center - Settings - Measurement.