This panel is only visible in Console 1.x. In more recent releases, the panel has been merged with CAST Storage Service/Measurement settings. See Administration Center - Settings - CSS and Measurement settings.


This panel provides the settings for controlling the Measurement schema - this schema is required for consolidating snapshot data from all Nodes for display in the CAST Health Dashboard - only one schema is required. When the start-up wizard is run post installation of Console as part of the Initial configuration steps, settings must be provided for a CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance to host the Measurement schema. These settings are displayed in this panel. The Measurement schema will be created on the target CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance the first time a snapshot is run and the same schema will be used for all future snapshots run on all Nodes:

If you would like to change the Measurement Service schema settings, you can do so - however, be aware of the impacts of changing the schema name:

  • Changing the target CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance will cause a new Measurement Service schema (with the name specified in the Schema name field) to be created on the new target CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance the next time a snapshot is generated via Console. This new Measurement Service schema will then be used for all future actions where data is uploaded to the Measurement Service schema.
  • Schemas required for Applications (Management, Dashboard and Analysis Service schemas) will continue to be stored on the CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance defined in the Node installer during the installation process.
  • Changing the CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance will require you to manually update settings for the linked CAST Health Dashboard if it configured (see Update Health Dashboard configuration after Measurement Service schema changes). Remember that any snapshot data stored in any previously used Measurement Service schema will no longer be available in the Health Dashboard - however the schema will continue to exist on the CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance.


Schema name

Name of the Measurement Service schema. By default this is set to general_measure. Authorized characters for the name are as follows:

  • 0-9
  • A-Z
  • _ (underscore)

A validation process is actioned and any unauthorized characters, such as -, # or $ will be rejected.

HostThe hostname/IP address of the target CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance. This instance can either be installed on a local machine or remote machine (network access required).

The port number of the target CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance. Use the following ports for specific CAST Storage Service releases:

CAST Storage Service 22280
CAST Storage Service 32282
Username/PasswordThe credentials for the target CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance. The default credentials are: operator/CastAIP.
Database nameThe database name on your target CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance. By default, postgres will be populated, however, if you are using AIP Core ≥ 8.3.40 and wish to store your Measurement schema in a custom database (i.e. not the postgres database) enter the name of the custom database.

Over time and through continued use, the efficiency of your Measurement schema may well start to degrade ("gaps" in table data, inefficient indexes etc.) - this degradation can significantly impact performance with the most visible impact seen in the performance of the CAST Dashboards. To counter this, CAST provides a feature (known as CssOptimize) that can be run manually to optimize the Measurement schema stored in your CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance - i.e. to clean up defects that have appeared over time. Click the button and choose the action you require. The optimization action will run immediately:


If you would like to create a backup of the Measurement schema, click the Backup Measurement button as highlighted below. This will perform an immediate backup of the Measurement schema and list it in the table below:


Name of the backup - this can be chosen when you click the Backup Measurement button. The default is YYYY-MM-DD:

DateDate the backup was performed.
SizeTotal size of the backup.

Download the backup. The backup will be downloaded as a ZIP file containing a .cssbackup file. This can be restored using the CAST Storage Service tools. Measurement backups are physically stored on Nodes. When the backup is run, the least "busy" Node will be used to store the backup file in the following location. By default, this location is set to use the "backup" folder defined for the Nodes - see Configure AIP Node storage folder locations - optional - v. 1.x for more information. 


Deletes the backup from the Console. This process cannot be reversed.