You are now ready to run the analysis (and save the results) but not quite ready to generate a snapshot and upload results for the CAST Management (Health) Dashboard or CAST Imaging. Running the analysis and saving the results for the first time still requires you to validate the analysis log to ensure the configuration is accurate. We will focus here on the options available and best practices to follow when executing an initial application analysis.

Run the Analysis

To run an analysis only, move to the  Console screen if you are not already there:

Locate the Application and click the Run analysis option as highlighted below:

You will now be requested to choose the options you require. The following dialog will be displayed:

Ensure that:

  • the Application Version is set to the version you need. By default, the accepted Version will be set automatically.
  • you enable Run analysis - an estimated run time for the analysis will be displayed (this estimation is based on anonymous data collected by CAST and is purely an indication)
  • you disable Take a snapshot (Publish to CAST Management (Health) Dashboard and Publish to CAST Imaging will be disabled and this will be done separately)
  • that you decide if you need to backup the application before you run the analysis - this will add on additional processing time (backups are stored on the relevant Node and can be managed in Administration Center - Applications - Application Details)

Finally click Proceed to start the analysis - the Job Progress panel will indicate that the analysis is in progress:

Interface in ≥ 2.9Interface in older releases (≤ 2.8)

The analysis is complete when the Job Progress panel indicates a successful completion:

Interface in ≥ 2.9Interface in older releases (≤ 2.8)

The step Prepare analysis data ensures that the data required by the Architecture Studio, Transaction configuration and upload to CAST Imaging is up-to-date.

What next?

See Application onboarding without Fast Scan - Step-by-step onboarding - Validate the initial analysis.