Administration Center - Settings - Allow CAST to collect anonymous statistical data automatically

In order to provide an estimate of the time required to fully analyze a given application version, CAST needs to collect anonymous data relating to the volume of files to be analyzed, the performance/specification of the analysis server and the actual time taken to perform analyses and generate snapshots. The data collected by Console will be stored by CAST on its CAST Extend server and will not contain any information that would allow the identification of any customer related information or application. The data stored by CAST is purely statistical and is related only to the size and duration of analyses and snapshot generation (an example of the data collected by CAST is available for download in .json format). The richer the database of information we hold, the more accurate the estimation will be.

By default, this option is enabled in the initial start-up wizard – in other words you are automatically opted-in and can disable the option if you prefer.